Angelic Energy Forecast for September 2013

Hello beautiful people.  We are excited to be sharing this news with you today.  This month you call September is full of great new beginnings for you.  We have been speaking about this time for quite a while now and it is here and available to you now.  What that means is IF you have chosen to drop enough of your self-judgment, you will have a number of opportunities available to you and these opportunities may be very different than what you thought you were asking for.  Be open and feel into these opportunities.  Have the courage to expand your Universe and try something different. 

If, as you move through the month, you don’t see these opportunities…ask us to show them to you in ways that you will recognize.  Ask us to provide you with the courage you require that will allow you to recognize them and finally, give yourself permission to recognize the opportunities.  You do not have to accept them, although it would be more beneficial for you if you do.  However, sometimes just recognizing that something new is available is all you are ready to receive at the moment.  Do not judge yourself for this.  Judgment eats away at your self-worth.  Simply allowing yourself to be aware that you are not ready for certain changes, opens the way to receiving more energy than you allowed in before.

It’s imperative for you to take time this month to reconnect, realign, and remind yourself of you Truth.  Not someone else’s truth…just your truth.  This awakens you more, helps to feel more alive, and creates motivation to take action.  Do not be surprised if one of the actions required is to set some more clear boundaries.  Please remember that setting boundaries is a loving action and is not about closing yourself off from someone or something.  It’s putting yourself first in a kind and loving way. 

As with previous months, time is going to fly by and at times will be intense.  As a matter of fact, the month is beginning with some more intense energies.  Be still, breathe, ask us for help and guidance, and ground, ground, ground.  We can help you with that too. 

We love you always, in all ways.

With infinite love and joy,

The Angels

If you’d like to hear a more indepth report and receive some energetic clearings relating to these energies, check out last week’s radio program.  Click here to listen.


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