Are You Diminishing Your Gifts?

We all have strengths and weaknesses.  The problem is that we spend so much time trying to “fix” our weaknesses that we forget to utilize our strengths.  Why the hell do we do that ourselves?

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t work at improving the areas of ourselves and our lives that we’d like to improve upon, but until you learn how to embrace and be grateful for your strengths, you’re not going to be able to make any real headway on your weaknesses.

I was doing readings at an expo this past weekend, and I have to tell you, each of the women I read for broke my heart in some way.  All of them were deeply gifted in ways that I can only dream of being gifted.

And yet, each and every one of them diminished the value of their amazing gifts because there was something else they wanted to be great at but weren’t.

Here, let me give an example of what I mean…this isn’t a real scenario but it explains what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you’re great at hearing the Angels.  I mean like you actually hear their individual voices as if they were standing in the room with you.  They speak to you all the time.  As a matter of fact, it comes to you so easily and often, you begin to take their communication for granted.

But, you can’t see the angels and you really, really want to be able to see them.  You get so obsessed with trying to see them that you begin diminish the gift you already have.  And you spend so much time trying to see that you forget to strengthen your ability to hear …if you continue on in this vein, you’ll never be better at hearing the angels than where you are….and you forget how gifted you actually are because you’re fixated on not being able to see the angels.

Look, there’s no reason you can’t practice and work at learning how to see the angels.  But don’t do it at the expense of your genius…

Let me get back on track….

The reason this breaks my heart is because these women, these Powerful Freaking Goddesses were making themselves small as a result of what they deemed to be a deficiency in their gifts.  I seriously wanted to shake some sense into them….and I seriously wished I had a way showing them exactly who they really are.

We do this all the time and it’s gotta stop now!

Stop diminishing yourself because you are not an expert at everything you do.  No one is an expert at every single thing they must do in their lives.  Yes, there are some people who like it….but I’m telling you right now…that’s a crock of shit.

People will only show you what they want you to see.  If they want you to believe that they are an expert at everything, then they’ll only show what they are experts at….and then we create an impossible standard and feel like shit about ourselves and our lives because we can’t be like so and so.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why I share so much of my life.  My clients started thinking I was perfect…which really cannot be any farther from the truth.

Look, I’m always working at improving myself in one way or another. As a matter of fact, I used to spend the majority of my time trying to improve my weaknesses and as a result, I never got anything done.

Now, I strengthen my strengths and guess what?  In doing so, it helps me find ways around my weaknesses so that they no longer keep me stuck.

It certainly is a way better way to live life.

I have a challenge for you.  It’s a two parter.  The first part is I’d love for you to share what your gifts are.  Are you great at keeping things organized?  Are you great at helping people to feel safe?  Are you great at directions?  Are you great at the violin?  Post it in the comments below so we can all celebrate your greatness.

The second part of the challenge is for the next 3 days, I want you to continue to celebrate your greatness and do what you can to strengthen your strengths even more.  Every time you hit on something that you’re not good at and you start with the negative self-talk, I want you to say, “I may not be great at this, but I AM great at _________.”

The more you acknowledge your gifts, talents, abilities, and strengths the more you are respecting them and not taking them for granted and the more powerful they become.

Have fun with the challenge.  This is perfect for you whether you are a Powerful Freaking Goddess or a Powerful Freaking God.

As a reminder:  I opened space in my schedule to work One-on-One with 3 women in my Unleash Your Powerful Freaking Goddess Intensive. This is a 3-month program that goes much deeper than the group program I currently have running.

This is not a starter program.  This is for the women who are already doing the work and not getting the results they want.  This is for the women who are more committed to feeling whole, fulfilled, and complete than continuing to feel victimized by their past and their lives.  This is for the women who have stepped up and said “Enough!  I’m done with feeling shit and I’m doing something about it!”

Are you that woman?  Make your appointment to chat with me now and let’s find out.  Use this link to be brought to my online scheduling system.

Much Love and Abundant Blessings,


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Energy Forecast for 7/27-8/2/16

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

Here’s your energy forecast for 7/27/-8/2/16.
It sounds like it’s going to be an interesting week.

We’re talking Communication, Truth, Togetherness Inspiration and more.

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Are You Pretending To Be Someone You’re Not?

Stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

That’s the shit that keeps you from feeling happy and fulfilled and from having a life that supports the Powerful Freaking Goddess you really are.

You’re not meant to be poor (emotionally or financially).

You’re not meant to be powerless.

You’re not meant to struggle.

You’re not meant to feel unloved.

When you learn how to stand up For yourself To yourself, you will start living the life you were meant to live…in whatever way that looks for you.

I’ve opened up 3-spots for my one-on-one Unleash Your Powerful Freaking Goddess Intensive.  This is a deeper version of my successful group Unleash Your Powerful Freaking Goddess group program where people are getting phenomenal results.  Each of the women in our program is reaching goals they never expected.  It’s not only things like money, homes, and business growth….it’s so much more.  These women are learning how to trust themselves.

When was the last time you felt like you could trust yourself?

I’m not interested in trying to convince you to change so this intensive is for you if you are already actively seeking change.  It’s for you if you’ve made the decision to no longer put you or your life on hold.  It’s for you if you’re already doing the work and you want to get there faster.

A word of warning if you’re considering this intensive.  Real change and transformation do not happen inside your comfort zone.  Only you can do the real work.  But I’ll be right there with you supporting you and reminding you that you got this.  And that you can trust yourself to create and live the life of a Powerful Freaking Goddess…if you make the choice to do so.

I’m being very specific about who I’m choosing to work with in this program.  If this sounds like a good fit for you, schedule your appointment now and let’s find out.  Use this link to be brought to my online scheduling system.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Energy Forecast for 7/20-26/17

Hello Everyone,

We’re talking about Giving & Receiving, Peace, Charisma, Patience in this week’s energy forecast.

And if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to join us at Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous on Facebook.

Have a great week.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Energy Forecast for 7/13-19/16

Hello Everyone,

Here is your Energy Forecast for 7/13-19/16
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Have a great week!
Much love and abundant blessings,

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The Pathway to Peace

As I sit here an ache over the state of humanity, I feel completely hopeless. And then, I remember that even though I don’t know how to fix a country or even a political system….
I do know how to help people get connected back to their divinity.Connection
I do know how to help people get connected to their Truth.
And I do know that whether it comes in the form of a reading, coaching, healing a core wound, or teaching people how to reach their goals and have what they say they want I am helping humanity in my own small way.
This is the stuff that helps people to feel whole.
This is the stuff that helps people to have compassion for themselves.
And this is the stuff that helps people to stop being so hard on themselves.
You see, allowing yourself to heal can feel selfish…and yet,
it’s one of the most selfless acts you can take for the good of humanity.

Heal yourself, heal the world.

 The more people who are walking around feeling good about themselves and remembering the Truth of Their Divinity, the fewer people we have walking around who live in anger, fear and separation.
And that, My Beautiful Friends, is where Peace resides.
Om Shanti

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Energy Forecast for 7/6-12/16

This week, we’re talking about:
Intuition, Stillness & Quiet, Giving & Receiving, Health & Healing

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Much love and abundant blessings,

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