Gratitude For You

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate you.  It means so much to me to know that you are a part of this community.  Whether we’ve had the opportunity to work together or not, the simple fact that you are here helps to uplift and raise the vibration of the planet and that is no small thing.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being you.
 I love and appreciate you.

I spent a good part of yesterday cooking, cleaning, and finishing my holiday decorating, but I took a few minutes out of the day to record the energy outlook for the week of 11/25-12/2/15.  Click here to check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great weekend!!!

Much love and abundant blessings,


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How do you love the unlovable?

I think one of the most difficult teachings to live is loving the unlovable.  I mean seriously, how the heck are we supposed to love the person who has raped us, belittled us, abused us, got rid of our beloved pet or has done anything else (big or small) that has left a scar on our hearts? And really, why would you even want to love them?

You’ve probably heard this before, but the reason you want to love them is so that you can be free of their power…or the power of the situation.  It’s so you can feel whole.

This applies to the parts of yourself that you have trouble loving as well.  Maybe it’s a habit, maybe you’re quick to anger, maybe you procrastinate, maybe it’s your cellulite….it’s time to start loving these aspects of yourself so that you can love yourself and feel whole.

Wholeness is truly what we’re looking for.  Being whole is being connected to all aspects of ourselves, the Universe, and Divinity.  When we feel whole, we are able to operate from our Truth…and man, that is a beautiful thing.

So here’s what I’m going to ask you to do if you feel you have the courage required to do it.  I don’t want you to feel bad if you’re not ready to give this a try….just do it when you are.

I want you to pick a person, situation, or a part of you that you really, really have a hard time loving.  Immerse yourself in the feeling of this person, situation, or part of you that you don’t love.  Imagine whatever it is standing in front of you.  If it’s not human, imagine what it would look like…give it a color, shape, size…whatever you need to do to see it in physical form.

Now, I want you to turn it into a small child, or a puppy, or a kitten, or anything that you simply cannot not love. Something that softens your heart.  It’s still the same yucky thing underneath, but we’re cloaking in an image that’s easy to feel love and affection for.  Now, embrace the child or puppy…hug tight.  Hug it like it’s been hurt or abused and you want to give it as much love as you possibly can to make it feel better.  Tell it it’s safe.  Tell it you love it.  Tell it that it’s ok, it doesn’t have to hurt anymore because you love it.

Keep it up until you start to feel a softening inside yourself.  When you feel ready, start remembering that this beautiful child in front of you is that person, situation, or aspect of yourself that you couldn’t love before.  This is what it started out as before it received false teachings, unawareness, and pain.  It may have been a long time since it was in this form, but this is the original form.

Notice how much shifts and changes within you each time you do this exercise.  For some things you’ll need to do often, for others it will only need to be done once.

If you really want to learn how to move on from the hurt, pain, and crap, *|FNAME|*, this is how you start.

I’d love to hear how you did with this, so please let me know.

And don’t forget to join our new free Facebook group, Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous. It’s a great place to go to learn how to be okay with being a fallible human being. I hope to see you there.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Send Love Not Hate


In light of the Paris attacks, I’d like to ask a favor of you.  Would you please spend 60 seconds to send love to the loveable as well as the unloveable? Atrocities are happening all over the world right now, not only France.  Hate and anger feed the darkness, love disarms it.  I’m not asking you to validate the actions of hate-filled people, I’m asking you to love the wounding that caused the darkness and maybe, just maybe we can start loving people back to the light.

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Are you uncomfortable with freedom?

One of my usual long term triggers showed up this week.  It’s nothing new.  This trigger and I have become old friends in a way.  It shows up, I panic.  Then I beat myself up because I’m a healer and I should know better by now blah, blah blah.

The thing is, I’m also human and I’m not perfect.

When the trigger showed up, I went into my habitual verbal dialogue and then I noticed something.  I noticed that even though my circumstances didn’t change, even though I still didn’t have a solution, I wasn’t anxious.  I didn’t get a sick feeling inside.  I didn’t have that low grade  inner negative self-talk going on about how I’m a healer and should be over this already.  I was saying the words on the outside, but inside there was peace.  There was calm.  There was freedom.

But….here’s the thing about feeling free when you still have challenges….your head doesn’t know what the hell to do with it.  What I realized was that when I have the negative emotions to back up the challenge, I feel like I’m doing something, anything that will help clear up the issue.  Have you ever felt like this?

The truth is, we’re not helping at all.  If anything, we’re fueling the fire.

When I talk about the trigger and there is nothing to fuel it, it just feels weird.  Like I’m lying to myself about there being a problem, even though it’s a real issue in the 3-D world.  The freedom that I craved brought me to a place of un-comfortability that had to be breathed through.  And, I gotta say, my head was trying to convince me that if I didn’t have fears and emotions to back up my problem, I wouldn’t look for  a way to solve it.  Really?  Talk about mind games.  The stuff we do to ourselves to support our feelings of wrongness amazes me.

It’s really cool knowing that while I still have the same issue, I can view it from a space of neutrality.  It’s no longer draining me of my power, my intuition, and my energy. And, I don’t have to waste additional energy dealing with the emotions, which leaves more energy to do stuff I enjoy.

Now, I know I’m in the sweet spot.  The spot that opens up the energy and allows the solutions and the steps I need to take to actually come through.  This is the reason that I created the Reclamation of Power Technique.  To get back to the sweet spot of personal power.  To be able to see through life’s challenges and be happy anyway.

Would you like to be free?  Would you like to know what it feels like to be in your power and deal with life’s challenges instead of letting your challenges run your life?

This week I’m highlighting the  Reclamation of Power Reading-Healing.  We’ll pick an area of your life that you want to work on, pinpoint the underlying issue and clear the crap out of it so  you can feel confident and know what you need to do to overcome the challenge.

If you’re ready to feel peaceful and strong regardless of what’s going on in your world, this is the  session for you.

Get yours now. 


Have you joined Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous yet?

I felt like we needed someplace that would help make it easier for our infinite beings to live in our human bodies so I created a new Facebook group,  Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous.  I call it the un-12 step program for recovering spiritual (and life) perfectionists. We support each other in learning how to stop trying to be perfect.  There are days where we set intentions and days where we acknowledge our problems as well as our gifts.  Wednesdays I get on Periscope and do a reading for the week and more.  Plus, it’s an ad-free, judgment-free space. How does it get any better than that?

Hang out with us and see if you like it.  If you don’t, you can always leave the group.

Have a great rest of the week.  I hope to connect with you soon.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Spiritual Perfectionism

I don’t know about you, but I’m really done with trying to be perfect.  I’m not perfect in my acceptance of my imperfections, but I’ve learned how to catch myself quicker and move on without staying stuck for as long as I used to.  I’ve extended this to my spiritual practice as well.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand why I thought I had to do spirituality “right” or perfect.  I mean, isn’t this the place where you can practice your faith in the way that works for you?  At least that was my understanding…until I caught myself judging me for not thinking the right thoughts, not lighting the right candles at the right time, and saying words like “should” and “try”.  What I realized is that I traded in one set of rules for another and I.  Am.  Done.


The first step to letting go of spiritual perfection is to remember that even though you are Spirit, you are here in human form.  Humans have thoughts and emotions and not all of those thoughts and emotions are going to be happy slappy, unicorns farting rainbows, and puppies frolicking in the sunshine.  The fact of the matter is bad shit is still going to happen and you’re most likely going to feel bad as a result.

Do NOT.  I repeat.  DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF FEEL WORSE FOR HAVING “UN-SPIRITUAL” THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS.  Don’t worry that if right this minute you’re scared because the rent money is due tomorrow you don’t have it.  Don’t be afraid that these concerns are going to bring more fear, lack, and scarcity into your life.
Instead, be with the fear and the worry.  Don’t judge, simply acknowledge.  Of course, you’re worried.  That’s the human in you.  The thing is to not become the emotion and to try not to let the emotion determine your next action.

It’s better to acknowledge the emotion, find the gift if you can…if you can’t, acknowledge that there is a gift and you’re just unaware of it right now.  Then, ask for the grace to deal with what’s in front of you. That’s when you’ll either be at peace and okay with knowing your rent is going to be late (again) or the solution/miracle will show up.

Do you see the difference?  Getting stuck in the emotion keeps you stuck.  It never ends and it aligns you with more yuck.  Accepting the emotion and feeling it through creates an opportunity for there to be an ending to the emotion.  Simply having that the opportunity opens you up and aligns you with the possibility of something different.

Okay, enough preaching…hopefully that makes sense to you.

I have a couple of opportunities for you to explore this more deeply if you’d like.  The first is a combination of a reading and healing.  We’ll dive into the areas of your life where you’re still trying to be perfect and uncover the root cause.  Once we get to the root, we’ll heal and clear it so you can feel more confident, have less stress, and open the door to the things you really want.  This is a powerful session and it can be life changing.  If you’re interested, click here below to purchase.  I’ll respond in 24 hours or less to set up your appointment.

In addition to that, I created a new Facebook group called Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous.  It’s the Un-12 Step Program where we support each other in letting go of Spiritual Perfectionism so we can actually learn how to trust the Universe and our inner knowing.  It’s really small at the moment because I’m am doing my best to build it organically instead of just adding all the people on my friends’ list without asking first.  LOL  So, if you’d like to be in the ground floor of  this revolution, please join us.

Enjoy your day.  I hope to connect with you through the healing/reading session, Facebook group, or both.
Much love and abundant blessings,

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It’s What the Cool Kids Do

I remember being a kid in school and wondering just what exactly made the cool kids…cool?  Was it their looks, their brains,

Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background

their clothes, the clubs they joined?  I remember desperately wanting to be liked by them.  To me, it was the epitome of love and acceptance.  I used to try to copy them by buying the same style of clothes and trying to be good at the stuff I thought they were good at, but it never worked.

I remember doing something similar when I was adult as well.  I had the same designer handbags, bought furniture from the “right” stores, went to the same restaurant, and drove the same car.  The problem was, I still didn’t feel like “one of them”.

And do you know why?  Because I wasn’t “one of them”.  I was me.  I am me.  The thing is, I was trying to be them, because I wasn’t happy as me.  Now, I know the more “me” I become, the happier I am.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still study people and wonder what makes them tick.  I love to observe human behavior and I have learned how to use it to my advantage and still be me.

When I see someone who has a skill I haven’t been able to master yet, I study their behavior.  I observe their mannerisms.  I pay attention to their mindset.  I look at their energy and I learn what I need to learn so that I can model it.  Then, I modify it so that it actually works for me.  It’s much more fulfilling and instead of losing myself, it actually adds more of me back into my life.

What have you been trying to master and haven’t yet?  Who can you observe and study so that you can learn the basics to achieving it?  How can you tweak those behaviors and skills so that you can still achieve mastery without losing yourself?

Just a little something to think about on a Sunday afternoon….

Your reading will provide you with the information you need so you can Create your future, not be a victim of it.

  • You get an understanding of what’s coming up for you in the next few weeks so you can make good decisions
  • Find out if change is finally going to show up and if it’s time to relax or take action
  • Discover what you can do this month to be even more of you and shine
  • Determine if you’re current actions are taking you in the direction of growth and progress or stagnation and stuckness
  • Learn where you can be of greatest service
  • Know where can you look or what you can do to receive the support you’ve been looking for
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Enjoy your day.  I’m off to continue creating a wonderful future, I hope you are too.
#BeYou  #BeHappyNow

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Universal Energies for October

This is a month where things will be coming back to balance.  No surprise there since it’s the month of Libras.  For many of us,Divine light 1 this is the time when many things will come to fruition.  Our timing and Divine Timing will be in sync.  With balance restored, you will also be able to let go of so much of what has happened to you (actually for you) in the past. Lots of childhood wounding will be healed.  “Justice will be served”.

Here’s the deal, though. You have the ability to tap into and allow the energy of balance, but you also have the ability to blow balance out of the water and end up in the deep end of the pool without swimmies to keep you afloat.  What are ya gonna choose?

As for “Justice Being Served”….that’s not going to show up the way you think it will.  It’s not about karma or revenge or people being served their “just desserts”.  Instead it’s about you letting go of the need for all that shit…and allowing yourself the luxury of being Peace.
Not being At Peace.  Being Peace.

The beneficial energies this month are supportive of letting go of old paradigms and fear based issues. You have the support to bring things full circle and to continue opening your heart.

The energies that could get you into deep doggie do-do are about getting stuck in that Type-A Personality stuff.  Things like losing focus because you’re trying to micromanage every aspect of your life.  It’s important to remember you’re on the right path simply because it’s the path your on and to choose your battles wisely.

If you’d to know how this specifically relates to you, schedule a reading with me. I’m offering a huge discount at the moment. My regular price is $75 for 30 minutes. Right now you can get 30 minutes for $50 or a full hour for $75.  This offer goes away at midnight (eastern time) Sunday 10/4/15.

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