Love Is In The Air

Love is in the Air in this week’s energy forecast….and I kept it under 30 minutes.  Yay!

And please join us in Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous where you don’t have to be perfect to be prosperous.

Much love and abundant blessings,


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YOU are not the source of your wealth and abundance.

YOU are not the source of your wealth and abundance.  Neither is anyone or anything else and that includes your businesses or jobs. The Divine (God, if that works for you) is the dollarsource of all abundance. Everything you want already exists. The people in your life, your job, your business, etc is simply the vehicle through which abundance can be delivered. Your job is to decide what you want, get aligned with it, and say YES to it when it shows up.
The other day  I did a 50-minute Facebook  Live for healing and clearing blocks to prosperity in my group Spiritual Perfectionists Anonymous?
It was off-the-charts fantastic.  I can’t even tell you how many people who after watching it have reported back telling me about how projects that were dead in the water have life again, about how they started taking actions on things that they’ve previously been too scared to act on, and about how they’ve gained a new-found sense of confidence….do you want some of that?

We turned the video into a downloadable audio for you to listen to whenever you want.

Do you want a copy of the free Healing & Clearing Blocks to Prosperity recording?  Click the pretty pink YES button to get it.

After you download and listen, reply to this email and tell me about your prosperity miracle.

And don’t forget to spread the wealth and share this blog with your friends so they can get heal their blocks to prosperity too.

Much love and abundant blessings,


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Living Life from Prosperity Instead of Lack

This week we’re talking about abundance. There are a ton of important teachings on the video so make sure you listen to it. I know it’s long, but it’s worth your time.  You are worth your time.

If you want to catch these videos live so you can interact with us, join me on Facebook at Spiritual Perfectionist Anonymous

The Divine Prosperity Program is available at:

Writing Your Dreams Into Reality can be found here:…/writing-your-dreams-into-reality/

Much Love and Abundant Blessings,

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You. Are. The. Soulution

Don’t you just love when you wake up in a great mood? I know that some days it’s easier to do than others, but it really is just a choice on your part.
I’ve been deepening my work on my prosperity mindset and it’s making it even easier for me to appreciate all the gifts in my life.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still got challenges….major ones at that and I’m sure you do too. But when you choose to see the world through the eyes of prosperity, it makes things so much better.
Let’s take today for example. I’m not going to bore you with the stressful shit I have going on in the background. Trust me when I say it’s stuff that needs to be dealt with in ways that are highly uncomfortable and in some cases, a little bit scary.
But here’s the thing, if I wake up in the morning and immediately start worrying about the shit, it’s not going to get me to a solution any faster. And the same is true for you.
I’m in no way suggesting you push your troubles under a rug, they need to be dealt with. But why not focus on the good going on in your world first?
Back to today. David had to wake up super early for work and I totally did not want to get up. I could have bitched and moaned. I could have tried to go back to sleep while grumbling about the time….but I chose the more prosperous route.
I thanked God/the Universe for another day on this earth. I thanked it for my dogs and for the extra hour or so I got to spend with David today because I made the choice to get up early with him. I thanked it for the warmth and convenience of our gas fireplace and I thanked it for the ease with which I can see and appreciate my blessings, even when there’s a lot of hard and uncomfortable stuff going on in my world.
Then, I took the time to be present with David and notice how much I enjoy our conversations. I took the time to be present with dogs and notice and enjoy their exuberance about seeing us and their food. It might have been more about the food, but I’m choosing to believe they were happy to see us too. LOL
This creates a completely different way of approaching my day. While I wish David didn’t have to work today and then again tonight, I’m not bemoaning it. I’m celebrating the time we had together today. Instead of focusing on waking up earlier than I wanted, I’m celebrating the extra time I have to get things done without rushing.
These little changes in attitude and mindset are what make the difference between living a prosperous and abundant life and life of feeling like you’re victim of circumstance and looking for ways to fill the emptiness/void that’s deep within you.
And while I’m talking about prosperity, remember, the amount of money you have doesn’t always accurately reflect your prosperity mindset. You can make a ton of money or have a ton of money and still be living a life of lack. Same thing goes for relationships. You can have an awesome relationship and still be living a life of lack.
My beautiful friend, if you want to life of happiness and joy, if you want a world that lives in peace and prosperity, if you want your life to have some meaning and to feel fulfilled, you have to start with you.
You have to stop bitching, moaning and whining about what’s wrong with the world and start making changes on inner world.
You have to start strengthen and build your inner empire so you can have and get the resources required to make changes in the outer world.
You can’t look outside of you for the solution.
Change your mindset, Change your life.
Change your mindset, Change the world.
Do you think you have a prosperity mindset already? Or are you not sure if you do? Go to the link below and grab the Prosperity Alignment Checklist and find out.
It’s time for you stand up, rise up, and be abundant and prosperous in all ways. As a matter of fact, it’s past time.
I’ll say it again.
The solution to your problems and the problems of the world are not outside of you.
Be You. Be Prosperous. Be Happy Now.
Here’s the link:
Much love and abundant blessings,

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Are you living a life that represents your core values?

Are you living a life that represents your core values? Think about it for a minute. Let’s say that family is really important to you and yet, you spend the majority of your time away from them due to work commitments. That’s a recipe for feeling like a failure, feeling unfulfilled, and feeling like you’re letting your family down.
And yet, you need this job to pay the bills and support your family.
If you can’t change jobs, then look at other ways you get more time in with your family. Maybe there’s work you can delegate so you don’t have to stay late at the office all the time. Maybe you can work from home 1/2 day a week. Maybe you can let the vacuuming go, or better yet, hire someone else to do it so that you can grab more pockets of time to simply be present for your family.
Or maybe you can find a way to change your perspective. You might be viewing the time you have to spend with your family through the eyes of limitation instead of through the eyes of abundance. When you do that, nothing is ever enough. There’s always something wrong and it cuts you completely off from your joy.
Look, if you want to stop feeling empty inside, like there’s something more to life, or like you’re failing in some way, things need to be changed up a bit.
I know it’s not always fun or easy, but what if by making several small changes in your life, you could be a whole lot happier, more fulfilled, and less stressed? Think about it. Journal on it. Don’t judge the action as being too small. Add a bunch of small actions together and you made a real difference in your quality of life.
You can start with getting your free Prosperity Alignment Checklist to see if you have a Prosperity Mindset or a Lack Mindset. You can’t change what you’re not aware of, right?
Click here to get it:
See you soon!
Much love and abundant blessings,

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Craving Change…

Let me begin by saying neither of the presidential candidates were my choice and I’m not bashing anyone. But my heart is heavy today. It’s heavy because so many people feel they’ve “won” and so many people feel they’ve “lost”. And now, fear is stronger than ever.

This election taught me a lot about people and politics. But mostly it taught me that people were craving change.

A woman becoming president represents change.
A man with no political background represents change.

I’ve been saying all along that change doesn’t always come easy. And it often comes with being uncomfortable.

For the people who wanted a woman for president, this man represents discomfort.
For the people who were sick of politicians, that woman represented discomfort.

No matter who won the election, change would be upon us.
Some people would be happy with results.
Some people wouldn’t.

Sometimes change shows up the way you want it to.
Sometimes it doesn’t.

No matter which candidate won, I have no clue what the future of this country looks like.

Instead, I’m throwing some questions out to the Universe:
Is this the change we’ve been asking for?
What’s the gift in this that we haven’t acknowledged?

And to you (and I) my question is:
And what if the change you are actually seeking starts within?


Much love and abundant blessings,

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What It Really Takes to Change

I think one of the things that frustrates me most about making some kind of life change is choice. I’ve yet to see or hear a teacher, therapist or personal development specialist talk about what it takes to make a choice. The stuff that comes before making a choice.

You want to lose weight? Good. Just make the choice to do it and then take action.
You want your soul mate? Good. Just make the choice to have and then take action.
You want more money? Good. Just make the choice to have and then take action.

That really is all there is to it and yet, it’s not that fucking simple. And because it’s not that simple when you can’t make a choice or you feel like you made the choice and things aren’t changing, you feel like a frikkin’ loser.

Look, when I made the choice to take back my life, it required me to make a million other choices in order to make it happen…and frankly, most of those choices were hard and painful.

It started with recognizing that I was dying inside and then making the choice to live. And I had to make that choice every single day…several times a day.

When the opportunity for me to move out showed up, I had to make a million choices before choosing to move out. I had to choose to let myself leave without my kids. I had to choose to leave most of my material possessions behind. I had to choose to leave my dogs.
I had to choose to risk being judged by friends and family.

And at its core was again making the choice to either live or die.

None of those choices were easy and I had to live with those choices as well as the consequences and gifts. Ultimately, I ended up on food stamps because I chose to live. I ended up missing being there for my kids when they were sick because I chose to live. I ended being judged harshly because I chose to live.

When I chose to live, I chose to accept help from therapists, healers, and coaches and I went deep into debt. But paying off that debt is nothing compared to looking like you’re living life on the outside while your soul is shriveling up, starving, and dying on the inside.

And I’d choose it all again if I had to.


I learned that I am a survivor. I discovered that I have a real gift for helping people. I found out that there is an entire world of possibilities that I didn’t know existed. I found at that the people in my life could survive without me and I could survive without them. I have a relationship that I never dreamed was possible because I never had a clue that this type of relationship existed. And, I learned that even though I made (and will continue to make) mistakes, there’s a gift in each and every one and I know how to see it.

I learned a different way of living life, a different way of having and doing relationships, and I learned me.

I get it. I get that in order to have what you want, you sometimes have to make huge sacrifices….and that sometimes those sacrifices can haunt you. And sometimes all that you’re sacrificing is what’s not working.

I share my life with and struggles with you daily because I want you to see what it really takes. I want you to know that change is possible.

And if I’m going to be really honest, I have the tools to help you make the change you say you want because of what I went through and because of all the money I have spent on healing and learning…and because it’s what I was put here to do and I’m damn good at it……


You have to make the choice to want it…..over and over and over….because it ain’t going to be comfortable.

Are you willing to make the choice to take back your life? Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you willing to say yes to you? Are you willing to stop starving your soul and begin nourishing it so you can do what you came here to do and be what you came here to be if you don’t what that looks like yet?

Much love and abundant blessings,
If you answered YES to those questions, then it’s time for you to work with me so you can take back your life and start living again.

I’m talking a 3 month $5,000 intensive where you’ll learn what your core wound is so you understand what is driving you. You’ll get a Hand Analysis Life Purpose Reading so you know what you came here to master and what you came here to overcome….the map of a fulfilling life is right in your hands and once you know it, you can make the choices that are in alignment with your Soul.

You’ll get your values and priorities straightened out so that you can stop making unconscious soul-sucking choices.

You’ll get the mindset work you need so you can start training your mind to see possibilities and opportunities that will bring you into alignment with your dreams.

You’ll get me, 1:1 pointing out where you’re fooling yourself and showing you the Truth of who you are so you can deprogram the shit you’ve been told about you that keeps you lonely, broke, depressed, and unfulfilled.

I will be there with you with the support you need so you can have your transformation, change your life, be on purpose and move you toward your goals and manifesting miracles.

3-months $5,000 You and me.

I did it. I made the change. I made the choices and continue to do so and you can too.
Make the choice and email me at
Payment plans are available

It’s time to invest in you. I believe in you. And it’s time you did too.

Email me and let’s get started.

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