Energy Forecast for 6/22-28/16

Family, Dogs, Trolls, and Gratitude
This was a challenging forecast to deliver. I got hit with a bunch of Periscope trolls, Angel was ringing the bell to go out, and more…and I am grateful for it all. The forecast went very long and I got to deliver deeper teachings through stories.

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Much love and abundant blessings,

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Energy Forecast for 6/15-6/21/16

This week brings us:
Miracles, Joy,  Stillness & Quiet, Personal Power, and Romance

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I can’t…..

I’m really big on personal freedom and empowerment so it really makes me sad when I see people who say they can’t do things when in actuality they choosing to take or not take an action based on their underlying values.

Take my business for example. I am not going to lie. Being an entrepreneur does not come naturally to me. Running a business does not come naturally to me. As a matter of fact, in my world, it’s really really hard. I’ve said it before, but I have tried to quit this gig more times than I can count…and I’ve been known to say, I tried to quit but I can’t. I can’t not do what I do.

Let me ask you a question. Does saying “I can’t” in any way shape or form feel like a positive uplifting phrase? Or does it come with pain and constriction? For me, saying the words “I can’t” feels like a punch in the stomach. It hurts and leaves me breathless and feeling powerless.

So, what do I do about it? I find other ways of phrasing “I can’t” that reflect my underlying truth. Going back to my business, the reason “I can’t” quit it no matter how hard it can be to run some days is because when I’m not doing this work, my heart and soul hurt. When I’m not doing this work, I feel unfulfilled and I feel bad about myself for not stepping up for letting my “stuff” get in the way of helping the people who are asking for the help that I can give. I feel bad about myself for not stepping up and I doing what my soul came here to do.

In truth, it’s not that “I can’t” quit my business. It’s that I choose not to because the consequences of doing so hurt too much. I choose not to quit because I am choosing to honor my soul and what it came here to do. I make the choice not to quit my business because there are people in this world who need and want the help that I can give them in the way I give it.

We tend to forget that we unconsciously make certain choices because the pain of doing otherwise is unbearable which makes us feel like we have no choice. And sometimes we’ll say “I can’t” because of other people’s choices.

I remember how powerless I felt when my mom was sick and dying. I wanted to talk to the doctors. I wanted to be in on the decision-making, but I wasn’t. My mom and dad were making the decisions and choices about her care….and when you get down to it, it wasn’t my business and it wasn’t my choice to make.

So, yes, “I couldn’t” be in on the actual decision-making, but I could have made the choice to support my parents while they made really difficult and seemingly impossible choices, instead of spending my days being angry and hurt that they wouldn’t let me help in the way I wanted to help. I could have supported my parents in the way they needed and wanted to be supported. I could have responded with love and support instead of fighting with my dad because I wanted to micromanage my mother’s healthcare.

Sometimes our choices are limited….but we always have choices and when you recognize that, you will be Free and Empowered. I really do wish I knew then what I know now. I would have spent more time supporting my parents instead of fighting them. That’s where I had the power to choose. That’s where I had the power to influence my circumstances. That’s where the true power of the whole situation was.

And that’s where had I known she existed, I would have unleashed My Powerful Freaking Goddess. She’s the part of me that operates from Truth, Love, and Divinity. She’s the one who gets things done. She’s the one who would have had the strength and conviction to be supportive instead of worried about what was going to happen to me if my mother died. And she’s the one who stood up and gave me the Power and Strength I needed to continue living after my mother died.

Nowadays, I operate from this place in my being more and more every day. I am no longer willing to hide and judge her. I no longer see her as scary, overpowering, weak, or needy. She knows how to stand tall and fight for herself when necessary and she know how to step back and let things go when necessary. She knows how to protect herself and her loved ones and she also knows how to Love and nurture them and herself in order to grow. She calls bullshit on her own excuses and digs down to see what’s really holding her back….she has been unleashed and she’s no longer backing down.

Click here If you want to learn how to tap into that energy and

I’m telling you now, if you want in, you are going to have to step up your game. I won’t accept excuses. I priced this program cheap and you are going to have to be more devoted to becoming Powerful than you are to staying stuck.

I love you, but I am unwilling to make the choice to support the shit you tell yourself that keeps you feeling powerless and victimized. Step up or don’t. It’s your choice.

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Stop Waiting….

I want to talk to you about the importance of NOT waiting.

The other day, one of my students contacted me to let me know her mom passed. As someone whose mom died way too young, I understand about the hole that is left in your heart and your soul, especially if you were lucky enough to have a good relationship with your mom. [ As a quick aside, not everyone has/had a parent who is easy to love or even like….that’s a post for a different day…..]

I also know about the million and one thoughts and regrets that go through your head.

If only I said/did this or that…. What if……
I wonder…… Why didn’t I……. I should have………..

Usually, that relates to the stuff our mom’s wanted for us that matched the visions of the lives they wanted us to have, which doesn’t always match our own vision. But as a mom, I know that we have those visions because we believe that’s what will bring our kids the most happiness….and a lot of the time, we’re wrong.

Why? Because we haven’t listened to our kids hopes and dreams. We didn’t really see what they excelled at and loved. But this woman’s mom knew what her daughter wanted to do. She also knew she was kind of scared to do it. Plus, it was something easy to execute and didn’t require any special or expensive equipment or classes. Her dream and her daughter’s dream were the same and her mom asked her to go for it now so she could see it happen. Guess what? My student faced her fears and did it….and she got it done before her mom passed. What a gift this mother and daughter we able to give each other. I mean really, what an extraordinary gift.

We take being here on this planet and in these bodies for granted. We take the next day and the next minute for granted. Why? For what reason? We make getting something perfect more important than actually doing it. Now, I agree. Doing something half-assed is not doing it at all. However, we set these ridiculous unachievable standards for ourselves under the guise of wanting it to be “right” when it’s really just bullshit. It’s an excuse to feed our fear and feelings of unworthiness. It’s an excuse to not do it because underneath it all you either don’t really want it or you’re scared. If you don’t want to do it, don’t. And if you’re scared, put on your big girl panties and do what it takes to get it done anyway.

Stop with the freaking excuses and be real about what you’re feeling.

And as I’m writing this post to you, a story showed up in trending news on the FB sidebar. Christina Grimmie, who was another favorite Voice contestant of mine and David’s…and was a fellow Jersey girl was killed last night. She was only 22 years old.   I know you are probably sensitive to energy and so am I, but some days, we need this kind of

I know you are probably sensitive to energy and so am I, but some days, we need this kind of slap in the face to get our butts moving. Because even though this girl died so young, she had just finished doing what she loves. She was living her dream. And while it may sound morbid, I’d rather die young knowing that I did everything I could to get what I wanted instead of dying old and regretting everything I didn’t do because I was afraid…..or society had a shitload of judgements about it….or I followed someone else’s dream instead of mine.

By the way, I wrote this other day.  Since then, I heard about the shooting in Orlando, Florida and the passing of a friend’s loved one.

Yes, you are an infinite spirit, but you are also here in a human body with human wants, feelings, and needs…and until we learn how to keep these bodies from dying, we have a limited time available to us on this planet.

How are you going to live it? Are you going to let other people’s judgments and opinions of you get in your way? Are you going to let your fear stop you from living? Are you going to continue to take the next second, day, hour, week of your life for granted? Or are you going to Be Who You Came Here To Be?

It’s time my friends. It’s time for you to stop slugging away through life and to stop doing what everyone else expects of you. It’s time for you to stand up for yourself to yourself. It’s time to stop waiting for your life to come to you. You need to go get it.

In the spirit of not waiting, I’m going to walk my talk….and do something I never would have thought of doing before because it would “be in poor taste”….but I’m doing it anyway.

I’m launching my Unleash Your Powerful Freaking Goddess program now! I’m not waiting for the sales page to be perfect…hell, I didn’t even create one yet…..but I am doing it anyway.  (I originally shared this on Facebook on Saturday.  I have a link to the full details below)

This 6 week program is for you if:

You are done with being broke, lonely, and hidden
You are done with feeling powerless and stuck
You are done with the “no matter what I do, I end up in the same place” cycle

Shit is gonna get real. We’re going to do whatever it takes for you find and connect with the Powerful and Loving Woman (or Man) that you are and create the momentum you need so you can start making money, have a really great relationship, create strong friendships, discover and do what you love and live a fucking Phenomenal Life starting Now!

And I want to apologize if anyone is offended by my use of profanity.  When I am really being real, instead of trying to put on a professional face for my community, I have a tendency to curse….a lot.  I recently made a vow to myself to stop being one way in my personal life and another way in my business life.  It’s a complete disservice to you.  And from now on, my promise to you is that I will be full out real and raw.  How can I expect you trust me to help you if I’m not being all of me?

Much love and abundant blessings,

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Energy Forecast for 6/8-6/14/16

Hi Guys,

Love is in the air in this week’s energy forecast.
We’re talking about healthy relationships, how to have them, and how to get them. Be sure to listen whether you have a romantic partner or not…whether you want a romantic partner or not. You’ll get information that pertains to ALL relationships (with people, places, animals, and things).

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Much Love and Abundant Blessings,

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Energy Forecast for 6/1-6/7-16

This week’s energy forecast talks about:
Joy, Protection, Courage, Balance, Gratitude

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Much love and abundant blessings,

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Energy Forecast for 5/25-5/31/16

Peace, Clarity, Manifestation, Communication

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Much Love and Abundant Blessings,

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