Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you?  Is there some public figure that you look up to?  Or maybe it’s a friend, colleague or family member?  I was on a call tonight with the Master Mind group I belong to and had more A-ha! moments than I can count.  One of them had to do with the way I view people who inspire me.  You see, everyone in this group inspires me, especially the two amazing women who put this year long program together.

Now, normally we say it’s a good thing when we have people in our lives who inspire us, right?  I mean, really…these people show us what is possible.  They often show us innovative ways of doing things that help us to get out of our boxes…and their strength gives up hope.  

That’s all great stuff, right?  Well, it could be…unless you are comparing yourself to the people who inspire you.  That was one of my big A-ha’s tonight.  I’ve been in business way longer than both my mentors and from a financial standpoint, my business is nowhere as successful as their’s are and that’s what I caught myself focusing on.  Instead of celebrating myself for having the courage to say Yes to these women, my fellow mastermind members, and this year long program that’s specifically designed to help us grown our businesses and create our lives.

I was making me wrong for not having the results I wanted in the time frame I wanted them.  Oh boy, I know better than that…and then I started judging myself for not catching onto it before now….and then I started judging myself for judging myself….and so on and so on…..somewhere during that mind f**k, I caught onto the comparison thing and started laughing at myself.

Which brings me to my next point….what if we allowed ourselves to be our own inspiration?  I’m not saying to give up on being inspired by people outside of us, but what if we could see, recognize, and celebrate all the amazing stuff that we have done?   People tell me I inspire them all the time…and me?  Well, I just see me doing what it takes to create the life I want.  No big deal…LOL

So, to challenge myself, tonight I went on Facebook publicly celebrated and acknowledged me and the hard work that I have done so far with my weight loss cleanse.  This was huge for me…first of all, I’m not used to celebrating me, much less publicly…and second, there have been quite a few comments from well meaning friends who urged me to “be careful” and try “eating sensibly” and  I didn’t want them to think I was calling them out.  

This is my celebration of me and what I have accomplished with this cleanse so far:

“I am taking a moment to publicly celebrate me. I’m halfway through the the strictest phase of my weight loss cleanse and even though it’s been hell, I have stuck with it. My rewards?

I can bend down to tie my shoes….and get back up.

I have rediscovered my ankles and can wear my really cute ankle bracelets again.

On the subject of ankles, I am now able to wear ankle boots that were not purchased from a Plus Size store.

I’ve also rediscovered my wrists and can wear bracelets that were not purchased from Plus Size stores again.

My loud snoring is now a quiet snuffle and I don’t wake up choking in the middle of the night.

I now wake up with mostly clear sinuses.

To those of you who have been concerned about my health while being on this cleanse, please know I am being monitored while on it.

I thank you for your thoughts and ask you to trust me to follow my guidance and know what my body requires in the moment.

And know that I am unwilling to trade the health concerns that go hand and hand with obesity with the health concerns that go hand in hand with unsafe weight loss practices.

Even though I still have a long way to go, I am celebrating that this is most progress that I had in creating a smaller-healthier body in almost 30 years and I am damn proud of it.

And to you, David Rosenhaus, I cannot thank you enough for standing by my side, holding my hand, listening to me cry, and putting up with my moods as I move through this shit….and all the while you’re doing the cleanse too. You truly are amazing man and I am so lucky to have you in my life….you always tell me I conjured you…well, dammit, I’m celebrating that too. I did good! “

My challenge to you is to publicly celebrate yourself.  Be your own inspiration.  Allow others to inspire you without comparing yourself to them.  And do it without being worried about bragging.  Bragging is underrated. 

My invitation to you is to join me for the next I Want My Sexy Back Telecall Series starting November 10.  What does getting your sexy back have to do with being an inspiration, losing weight, and celebrating yourself?

Sexy isn’t only about sex….it’s the energy of creation…and if you want to create the life you want to live, then you need to be able to connect to your sexy.

Are you ready to jump in, take control, and start creating your life, your money flows, your sex, and your relationship? What would your life look like 6 months from now if you did?




Much love and abundant blessings,



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Daily Guidance from the Angels for 10/29/14

A healthy relationship does not require you to give yourself up, change yourself, be someone or something else, or to lose yourself. This holds true for all relationships…not just romantic relationships.

With infinite love and joy,
~The Angels~

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Daily Guidance from the Angels for 10/28/14

Take this moment to close your eyes, connect with your body and thank it for being the tool which allows your spirit to express itself and experience itself on the physical plane.

With infinite love and joy,
~The Angels~

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Daily Guidance from the Angels for 10/27/14

Where are you not trusting yourself to take care of you? Who is enforcing that lie? What can you do today to show you that you can trust yourself right now?

With infinite love and joy,
~The Angels~

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A Note from the Edge

Today is the third day of my cleanse and I already hit my edge.  We’re required to stop eating at 6pm (yes, you can eat on this cleanse…2 specific vegetables and 2 specific fruits)…..and the nights can be long.

Last night at around 9pm I started losing it.  I was hungry, the house was clean, work was done, nothing was on TV and I had enough of reading.  I prayed, I meditated, I played with the dog but the need to fill my time with food was intense.  I was angry at myself for putting me into a position where I had hurt my body so badly for so many years that I had to starve myself to get it back to balance.

I cursed my mother and my grandmother for knowing of no way to help soothe me as a child other than with food.  I cursed society for making food a part of every celebration and I cursed my body for needing food.  I’ve always said that food is the most difficult addiction to deal with because you have to face it every single day of your life….

When I was done with indulging my inner victim, I knew I had a choice.  I could choose to eat or not.  I had to think long and hard about it.  My target weight…or body size…is a long way off and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth fighting myself to get there.

Then, I realized something…what I have learned and what I teach is to surrender to the Universe…surrender to what is true for you in the moment…and here I was fighting my truth.  I took a deep breath and acknowledged where I was in the moment.  I honored my past struggles as well as my current one…which brought me to the awareness that I was operating from conclusion and hadn’t even noticed it.  I saw that in my choice to eat or not…I had concluded that by Not eating, I was going to have to continue to sit in my living room and suffer through hunger pangs.  Really? 

So, what else is possible?  I realized that I could get the heck out of the house and go wander around Walmart for a little while.  I could also text a friend of mine and distract myself with a little conversation and I could chew gum.  And that’s exactly what I did.  It got me through the moment…

Today, I woke up hungry and immediately went into panic mode because there’s no food allowed today and tomorrow…only milk.  I went right into how am I going to get through these to days, blah blah blah…and then I stopped and asked a question.  What’s right about this that I’m not getting? 

What’s right about this is that I have snored my entire life…when I went to bed on the first night of this cleanse, I wasn’t snoring and didn’t last night either.  That’s never happened to me, even when I was thinner.  Then I noticed that the stuffy, clogged head I almost always wake up with was virtually gone.  There was just a small sniffle.  Sometime in the past year or so, I had developed this sort of soft whistle that happens when I breathe out…only when going to sleep.  That is gone too.  As is the strange itch that I always seem to have in my ears. 

David and I were talking about it, and even with these amazing revelations, I’m scared I’m going to throw it all away.  David reminded me of all the hurdles I’ve overcome in my life that were bigger than this (in his point of view) and that I could easily move through this.  That’s when the next awareness came through.

I have used food to navigate my life.  It’s either been there to either block, create, or support feelings and belief systems.  Without knowing it, I’ve been using it as a supplement to the tools I use and teach every day.  Now, I don’t have that crutch and can only utilize my tools. 

I know the tools work….I just have to trust myself enough to know what questions to ask, what tools to use, and that I will actually use them. 

That’s why I’m sharing an update on my journey so soon.  I’ve always known that I’ve used food as a way to numb myself out…but what I didn’t know was that the underlying cause…the root cause of using food in that way was because I didn’t trust myself to nurture and take care of me when the feelings felt like they were getting out of control…those times when I feel too hurt, too sad, or even too happy. 

It’s taken me 50 years to get to this point and I feel like a weight as been lifted from my shoulders.  I’m not going into conclusion and deciding that things will be easy from here on in…or that I will reach my target…what I am saying, is now I know where to focus my energy and my actions.  When I don’t know what to do, I have the tools that will help get me there…and I can always choose something different.

Take a look at your habits, choices, and beliefs.  Sit with them, talk to them, ask them what they are covering up.  Ask them to get specific.  Don’t fall into the trap of saying it’s lack of self love or lack of confidence.  Those are over arching themes…get down to the nitty gritty details and see what comes up for you.

For those of you who are interested, I’m going to be selling the healthy body meditation/clearing audio that I created for $5.00.  If enough people purchase it and are interested, I’ll also be putting together a Facebook group where we can support each other our journeys to having a healthy body.

Did you know that every single person who has gone through my Divine Core Healing Program has created a healthier body?  I only just realized it myself this past week.  Thank goodness I’m cute, cuz I’m not always so smart. 

Keep an eye out for the email announcing the release of the meditation/clearing audio and share it with your friends.  I am not going to say that skinny is sexy….but I will say this:  having a healthy body, no matter what it’s size, is totally sexy.

Much love and abundant blessings,






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Daily Guidance from the Angels for 10/24/14

Spend time focusing on what you want your life to feel like, not what you want it to look like. This opens you up to possibilities you may never have considered.

With infinite love and joy,
~The Angels~


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And So It Begins…

If there’s one thing that I try to get across to my clients, it’s that you always have choice.  Sometimes the choices don’t feel like choices, but they’re always there.  I had to remind myself of that these past couple of weeks when the thought of writing my weekly email felt heavy.  So many of you have written to tell me how much it inspires you that I really had to sit back make a conscious choice as to whether or not I was going to write.  Obviously, I chose not to write.  The world didn’t fall apart and it gave me space to continue going through what I was going through.

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk for the past couple of weeks as I was moving through fears, choices, experiences, and a bunch of stuff that just felt heavy and not fun.  I’ve also been observing what’s been showing up in the world.  One thing that I’ve noticed is there have been quite a few deaths….some people I knew personally, some were public figures, and others were friends or relatives of people I know. 

With each of the deaths, I heard the same message, “Life is short.  Choose what you want to choose.  Do what you want to do.”  It got me to thinking about how much we do out of obligation…how much we do based on other people’s expectations, and how much we don’t do based on fear. 

So, I have chosen to become even more conscious of my choices and the energy underlying my choices.  For example, an opportunity showed up in my life that threw me into a total state of panic.  It hits on so many of my pain points that it’s ridiculous.  My first response was to say NO.  Then, I realized that the NO wasn’t a real no.  It was my fear speaking and I was judging my response.  In that moment, I chose to do what it took to get out of judgment of my response and really look at what I did and didn’t want.  I’m not going to say it was easy, but I asked for asked for help and the help showed up with ease. 

I was able to really look at the opportunity from a space of non-judgment and see what came up.  Now, in these 10 seconds, my choice is still a No, however, by taking the time to choose from choice instead of fear, I discovered options that I didn’t even realize existed and my whole world expanded.  How does it get any better than that?

I’m choosing to do a bunch of things that scare me, but I know that they’ll expand my world even more.  I’m continually reminding myself to stay out of conclusion and not put a face on what that expansion will look like and reminding myself that I have the power to choose or not choose as often and as much as I want.

One of things I’ve chosen is to a weight loss cleanse.  I’ve always tried diets but never a cleanse, plus this particular one includes acupressure and reflexology.  One of the choices that I’ve made to support this choice is to create a personalized Reclamation of Power meditation which focuses on the lifetimes my weight and/or body size were an issue as well as reclaiming my power from all the diets, eating plans, etc that I’ve tried and both succeeded at and failed throughout my lifetimes. 

I’m also going to implement continuous conscious choice into the cleanse.  When I have tried other weight loss options, I was unaware of things like choice, nonjudgment, and staying out of conclusion.  So, each time I feel hungry or simply want to eat, I’m going to look at the energy of it and choose from there.  These are just some examples of questions that help me to stay in choice instead of no choice:

  • Is the energy of eating in this moment resonant with the energy of my target of staying on plan and reaching a healthy weight?
  • Is it my desire to be in resonance with reaching a healthy weight in this 10 seconds?
  • What is my actual choice in these 10 seconds? Is it to be in resonance with reaching a healthy weight or not?
  • Do I want to eat food that will keep me aligned with my target? Or do I want something different?
  • Do I want to be in resonance with my target but require support? Do I not want to be in resonance with my target but require support?
  • What else can I choose?
  • Am I judging my choice?
  • Am I judging me?
  • Am I going into conclusion?
  • Am I looking to the past to make my current choice?
  • Am I looking to the future to make my current choice?
  • What else is possible here?

The number of questions are infinite, just as the number of possibilities are infinite.

My question to you, is where are you limiting yourself because you’re not asking questions and getting really clear about what you actually do and don’t want?  Where are you choosing from obligation instead of choice?  Where are you choosing from fear instead of choice?  Where are you choosing from lack instead of choice?  Where are you choosing from conclusion or assumption instead of choice?  And what would your life look like if you actually chose from a space of choice all the time?

If you require help with getting to the space of choice, you could choose a free 30 minute Possibilities Session with me to discover what it would require for you to be able to choose from choice.  If that sounds like fun to you, email me at:  robin@robinlinke.com and we’ll schedule an appointment.  If it doesn’t, what else is possible that you haven’t considered?

Have a great week. 

Much love and abundant blessings,





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